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Available Careers

Please read the following before requesting an application. By submitting an application, you acknowledge you have read and understand the conditions of being hired as a Magnolia Place Senior Living employee.

Employee Guidelines

  • We are a drug free facility

  • We are a non-smoking facility

  • You must be properly dressed to interview for any position at Magnolia Place Senior Living.

  • The applicant will obtain a background check from the Cairo Police Department ($20 paid by applicant) and send the background check with your application.

  • We will obtain information from the applicant to run a Federal background check that will include you going to a named place of business to have digital fingerprints uploaded into a Federal system.

  • We will pay for this service

  • Nurse registry will be searched

  • State’s no-hire list will be searched

  • Sex offender website will be searched

  • You will be drug tested

  • Drug test are also random in our facility

  • We will not interview applicant unless the application is completely filled out with phone numbers and addresses

  • There is a medical questionnaire and you must be honest with your answers

  • You are required a COVID test; we perform the test at our facility.

  • Note that the cost of hiring ($250) will be taken out of your last check if you are terminated within 90 days, or you leave without a notice.